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Therasoothe Cleaning Pro’s is a licensed and insured company dedicated to providing contactless house cleaning and sanitization services to individuals, businesses, and government entities. We partner with Behavioral Health Counseling Agents, recognizing the critical link between cleanliness and mental health. Our mission is to create clean, uplifting environments that support well-being and productivity in communities.

Why Therasoothe?

At Therasoothe Cleaning Pro, we prioritize productivity with eco-friendly products safe for all. Our cutting-edge technology provides instant quotes, while dedicated cleaners ensure consistent and thorough transformations. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your space is not only clean but also supports a healthy environment for your family and pets. With us, you’ll experience unparalleled convenience, reliability, and a commitment to both cleanliness and well-being.

Vision and Philosophy

Our vision is to provide long term dirty to clean transformations, captivating, and sparking phycological delight within our local communities. 



Therasoothe Cleaning Pro’s strive to provide a transformative cleaning experience to local residents and businesses, evoking a positive impact on each individual mind, body, and spirit. 


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Most frequent questions and answers

Please be sure to remove clothes and clutter from the floor or from the surfaces that will be cleaned. Each of our teams bring their own cleaning supplies and equipment. They will thoroughly clean your home based on the cleaning package you choose

Nope! It is not necessary for you to be present while our team of professional house cleaners provide you cleaning service. You can leave a spare key for us that we will keep in a lock box or provide a garage or door code.


TheraSoothe Cleaning Pro’s “TheraSoothe Senior Foundation Project” is the top-tier cleaning service provider for nursing homes, hospices, active adult communities, assisted living residences, and senior independent living communities in Baton Rouge and its surrounding areas. Our project is dedicated to providing exceptional service to elderly residents with Diogenes Syndrome, making it a vital component of the local community.