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TheraSoothe Senior
Foundation Project.

We plan to spark physiological delight, increasing productivity within the elderly communities

Community Builders

TCP Senior Foundation

Strives to alleviate stress, and depression through decluttered tidy spaces of those who may unknowingly suffer from Diogenes Syndrome.

Diogenes-Syndrome - dirty to clean transformation


Therapeutic Dirty To Clean Transformations

What is Diogenes Syndrome?

Diogenes Syndrome is a behavior disease occurring in men and women of any age, or socioeconomic status, but predominantly amongst the elderly (60 and over), especially those who suffer from depression, dementia, widowed, and/or who have experienced the close loss of a relative who was once caring for them. 

Diogenes Syndrome can be defined as domestic filth and neglect regarding one’s living conditions, failure of social and personal care.


How we can help Local Behavior Health Clinics?

Behavioral Health Clinics and Counseling Agencies most times has to combat providing services within “filthy living environments” of those who’s been diagnosed with severe depression and dementia (who may be suffering from Diogenes Syndrome unknowingly) by having to meet at local places and most times the patients don’t have transportation which result in the patient not getting the mental health treatment they need and the behavioral health clinic losing money. 

We can help your agency avoid losing money by retaining your customers through our Therapeutic Dirty To Clean Transformations. 

We’re always looking for our next referral partner. 

Rather you’re a social worker, counselor, or government agency

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Therasoothe Solution.

According to the National Library of Medicine, symptoms of Diogenes Syndrome include living in extreme squalor, a neglected physical state, and unhygienic conditions. This is accompanied by a self-imposed isolation, the refusal of external help, and a tendency to accumulate unusual objects.

With our no cost Therapeutic Dirty To Clean Transformations, we plan to spark phycological delight, increasing productivity within elderly, communities and living environments.

Those who suffer from Diogenes Syndrome can be characterized as “hostile” or “unfriendly.” We believe our therapeutic cleaning experiences will foster improved and more fulfilling relationships amongst the elderly community. 

Therasoothe Cleaning Pro’s Senior Foundation cleaners will receive cognitive training (CBT Certification) in behavioral therapy providing an empathic, heart-warming experience to our clients.

Community drives our mission: the ability to build long term relationships, promote healthier living environments, and increase productivity within elderly communities i.e., nursing homes, active adult communities, assisted living residences, senior independent living communities, and other organizations that provide care to elders who may unknowingly suffer from Diogenes Syndrome. 

How can you support our initiative?

Through sponsorships, partnerships, contracts, fundraising, and donations. Contact us to get involved or make a donation today.